dressup   1. Plan Ahead. Set up an appointment at least a week ahead of time. Be well rested. If you are tired it will show in your eyes. Make sure the kids are not hungry and are well rested. You can bring along a snack that will not be messy, or if we are on site, bring some wet naps.

2. The Look. New haircuts can sometimes look unnatural and chopped. Use makeup in moderation. Powder is recommended for shiny skin. Don't worry about blemishes or braces. All this can be corrected in the process after your sitting, and only if you want.

3. Your Look. Blacks and neutral tones are best Avoid overpowering, busy prints. Bring a number of different looks that you like. Long sleeves are flattering for both sexes and choose clothes that fit you well. Avoid large reflective jewelry. We can work around eye glasses but if you have frames without lenses, that would work best. We encourage you to bring trophies, pets, keepsakes that mean something to you and marks this time of your life.

4. Be prompt. A sitting will take about an hour and a half. When you are on time, we can spend the time it takes to make this very important photo the most memorable. If you feel you will be late, please call 507-451-9599.